In providing translation services we proceed from the quality standard EN 15038 2006 of the European translation service.

Written translation – translating oral or written text in writing.

Oral translation – translating original text (oral or written) in the verbal, audible form that in turn is divided in three:

  • Synchronized translation is the simultaneous oral translating of verbal text.
  • Consecutive translation – lecturer and interpreter speak by turns. Lecturer presents the report in parts, which is translated by interpreter into the target language as precisely as possible.
  • Whisper translation interpreter is sitting by listeners who don`t command the language and is translating for them in a low voice the lecturer`s speech.
  • Translation of oral and written notarial transactions.

Connected services:

Layout – placing text, graphics and/or pictures so that the translation is alike the original.

Editing – checking the correspondence of the translation text to the original one.

Proof-reading – control of grammar, misprints and errors.


  • transcribing audio recordings
  • home pages
  • economy
  • medicine
  • banking and finance
  • advertising
  • subtitles/translating of films
  • technical
  • tourism
  • law
  • general